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To search the BibTEX database select the Search tab, to find all works by a person (e.g. Author or Editor) select the Person listing tab.


Here you can select one of the following three search modes, if you want to ignore case or be case sensitive in your search and you can select wich fields to search or to search any field (including nonstandard fields not listed).

This search searches for a substring matching the search text. This is probably the mode you'll use most times.
Example: The search string: 'quar' matches both 'Quarry', 'aquarium' and 'Quarks' etc.

Exact match

This search mode finds exact matches for the search string. The search string must therfore be written exactly as it's written in the BibTEX file.
Example: The search string: 'Ice' matches 'Ice', but NOT 'Ice Age' or 'Rice' or even 'The Ice'. One exception is person names that may be written in several ways as long as it is correct BibTEX syntax: Example: The search string: 'Donald Knuth' matches 'Donald Knuth' AND 'Knuth, Donald' but NOT 'Knuth, jr, Donald' etc. Note that using the Person listing is quicker than text searching!

Regexp search

Searching using Java™ implementation of Regular Expressions.

Person listing

Double clicking on a name in this list (or pressing return when one or more names are selected) will make the entries containing that person to appear in the Search result tab. You may also click a name and drag and drop this name into the author or editor fields in the EntryPanel. If you right-click a persons name and select the popup item "Replace", a window appears. Here you can change a persons name. Selecting several names (by using [Ctrl] while clicking) and selecting "Replace" will replace all selected names with one. Very useful when one persons name is written in several ways, select the most correct name in the replace window or write the new name in the fields.


Keep in mind that if you change a persons name here you will in fact change this persons name on all the entries in your bib-file. Make sure two persons really is the same person before merging! Do allways make a backup before doing this kind of editing! It is not undoable and you can very easily damage your bibliography.
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