A BibTeX manager.

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BibTeX style generator (bst)
Bib-it features an advanced GUI based bst generator, wich is probably the first GUI tool for bst generation to be released!
Should run on most platforms with Java Runtime 1.5(or later) installed.
All metadata is defined in “Style.ini files
Person listing
All persons (fields of type #name) are parsed specially and added to the unique feature of Bib-it called the Person listing. This has many useful features:
Easy editing
Open, merge, edit and save BibTeX files.
Find duplicates
Search for possible duplicates by comparing customizeable fields. The results are nicely organized in a table.
Error tolerant parser
The parser won't halt unless an error that may cause loss of data is encountered, other parse errors will only create a list of warnings. Actually the only thing the parser halts on is redefinitions of abbrevations (wich may cause loss of data) and unexpected end of files (wich may indicate that some missing end symbol have corrupted the parsing).
Powerful searching
Besides the person search with the person listing, Bib-it supports several types of string searching.
The list of entries can be sorted simply by clicking on the field headline you want to sort it by. Clicking the it again wil reverse the sorting.